About the Program

The Graduate Program in Natural Disasters (PPGDN) at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC, linked to the School of Philosophy and Human Sciences (CFH), has the mission of training highly qualified professors, researchers and professionals for the job market as well as to conduct scientific research and technological development.

There is a perceived gap in knowledge in the area of ​​Natural Disasters that calls for a technical and multidisciplinary professional, who has the ability to unify the skills developed in the Program and apply them for the development of the country.

The PPGN graduate should be able to work in the face of natural disasters at the municipal, state and national levels, with emphasis on prevention actions related to monitoring, alerting and reducing socio-environmental vulnerability to natural disasters. They should be able to act in situations of crisis resulting from natural disasters, as well as promote interinstitutional partnerships aiming at a greater synergy between the different social actors involved in the management of natural disasters.